We put the same care, attention and pride into servicing and repair work as building a custom guitar. Below you’ll find pricing and descriptions on some of the more common services we offer.

*Some other services worth note, but that require contact for an accurate quote are:
-Neck/headstock break repairs;
-Re-finishes (nitrocellulose lacquer only);
-Custom pick guards;
-Pickup routing;
-Acoustic bracing repairs;
-Acoustic guitar bridge repairs/re-glue/replacement
-Custom wiring options
-Partial re-frets



Deluxe Setup -

-String replacement;
-Fretboard oiled/polished, frets buffed. Body polished;
-Truss rod adjustment;
-Bridge radius/saddle adjustment for your desired playing action;
-Acoustic saddles shaved if necessary;
-Tune-o-Matic bridge saddles cut and polished for correct string guage, avoid string breaks, improves tuning stability;
-Nut adjustment: re-cut/slots polished for correct string guage and tuning stability;
-Tremolo balancing on electric guitar;
-Intonation adjustment;
-Pickup balance adjustment;
-Pots, switches and jack cleaned;
-Battery checking & replacement;

Electric Guitar 6 String (Fixed bridge or Vintage Tremolo) : $75
Electric Guitar 6-7 String (Floyd Rose Tremolo) : $85
Acoustic Guitar Steel String/Nylon : $70
Acoustic Guitar 12 String : $85

Deluxe+Fretwork setup:

All elements of the deluxe setup with a fret level, re-crown and end dress.

Unfinished/oiled fingerboards. +$50
Gloss/maple fingerboards. +$65




Pickup installation -

Single pickup $30
2x Humbucker $40
3x Strat $40

Switches – Include installation

3 way LP style switch (Japanese made switch) $40
3 way Blade/Tele style (CLR brand) $50
5 way Blade/Strat style (CLR brand) $60

Pots – Include installation

250/500k CTS $20
250/500k Push-Pull wired for coil tap $35

Output jack – Include installation

Mono Switchcraft $10
Stereo Switchcraft $15
Barrel Jack $20



Nuts & Saddles: Perfectly cut and polished to suit your guitar.

Strat/Tele style nut -
BONE – $40
BRASS – $60

Acoustic/Angled Headstock style nut -
Bone – $50
Brass – $70
Graphtec – $50

Compensated Steel String saddle -
Bone – $60

Compensated Nylon String saddle -
Bone – $50


Re-frets: *All re-frets include the Deluxe+ setup at no extra charge.

*Note- You may notice quite a large variance in what luthiers charge for re-frets. I don’t care to count the number of nasty fret jobs i’ve encountered and had to resurrect from disaster. Not just instruments that have been left playing poorly but have had their lasting value degraded by poor fretting techniques, damaged finishes and chipped fretboards. We don’t just pull out your old frets and throw some new ones in. The fingerboard itself will be level sanded/radiused and polished to bring it, quite possibly for the first time to a truly level foundation for your new frets. Frets are then perfectly levelled, crowned, dressed and polished to a finish so slick you won’t believe!

Any Nickel-Steel fret size of your choice. +$30 for Stainless Steel frets

Bolt on neck: Oiled fingerboard – $280
Bolt on neck: Lacquered fingerboard (requires re-finish on fingerboard) $400
Set neck: Oiled fingerboard – $310
Bolt on neck w/binding – $320
Set neck w/binding – $350


Tele re-fretted with jumbo SS frets, block inlays installed, re-finished fingerboard and a custom pinstripe pick-guard.